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Omnicraft Engine Coolant

Omnicraft Engine Coolant

Providing premium protection from frost, overheating, and corrosion, Omnicraft Engine Coolant helps to ensure a perfectly working cooling system all year round for a variety of non-Ford vehicles.

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Part Number Product Description Colour Vehicle Make/Model
2402643 Anti-Freeze/ Coolant OC48 1.5L Blue/ Green All Diesel Toyota models - 2015 onwards, and more
2402635 Anti-Freeze/ Coolant OC30 1.5L Pink All Citroen models from 1993 onwards, and more
2402639 Anti-Freeze/ Coolant OC40 1.5L Pink All Seat models from 2008 onwards, and more
2402645 Anti-Freeze/ Coolant OC48 60L Blue/ Green All BMW models from 1975 onwards, and more
2402637 Anti-Freeze/ Coolant OC30 60L Purple All Dacia models from 2005 onwards, and more
2402641 Anti-Freeze/ Coolant OC40 60L Pink All Mercedes-Benz models from 2014 onwards, and more

Many more Part numbers and applications available